1. SARNZ Scaffold of the Year Award – 2016/2017

Won for a a third time and back-to-back (the only company to ever do so on both counts) in 2016/2017 for the Pop-up Globe theatre – a structure that received international attention featuring in The New York Times and the Washington Post amongst numerous other international and local media outlets. A structure we built a second time a year later and is now beginning an international tour over coming years with Camelspace as the global constructor.

2. Layher Germany’s International Calendar – 2017

Camelspace’s Pop-up Globe voted one of the best 12 entries from thousands across 40 countries internationally to make the calendar – with a global circulation of over 1,000,000.

3. New Zealand Job of the Year Award – 2016

From the world’s largest scaffolding manufacturer, German giant Layher, for the Pop-up Globe.

4. SARNZ Scaffold of the Year Award – 2014/2015

Won for the second time (the only company to ever do so); awarded for supreme innovation, quality and safety on the Endeans scaffold, temporary roof and encapsulation project on Auckland’s waterfront which withstood 170km/hr winds during a 1-in-10 year storm in June 2014.

5. ICC Stadium Overlay Award – 2015

Won for the CWC 2015 grandstand seating, TV towers, public access stairways etc. at Hagley Park in Christchurch.

6. SARNZ Scaffold of the Year – Finalist –2012/2013

7. SARNZ Scaffold of the Year – Finalist – 2011/2012

8. Layher Germany’s New Zealand Job of the Year Award – 2010

For the Grafton Bridge where we hung 110t of scaffold from the bridge to allow earthquake strengthening whilst keeping the busy SH1 underneath open.

9. New Zealand Scaffold of the Year Award – 2009/2010

Awarded by SARNZ the for the Grafton Bridge project.



Our health and safety record


Camelspace has never had a WorkSafe/DOL/OSH Prohibition Notice, Infringement Notice or prosecution.

This is despite clocking up many hundreds of thousands of man-hours in a high-risk industry. Our LTI and LTIFR statistics are well below industry norms and benchmarks. We believe this enviable record has come about through a genuine commitment to safety and working safely. Something we are proud of and something that should give you as a client, piece of mind in an H&S environment where you share responsibility for the safety of the work you commission.



Size, longevity + service


Camelspace is the largest company of its type in New Zealand. And whilst size isn’t everything, it certainly counts when you want to:

  • Double the equipment and personnel on a job to accelerate programme

  • Call upon human capital with hundreds of years of combined industry experience for a solution

  • Be dealing with a company large enough to have a full-time dedicated draftsperson and temporary-works designer (3D modelling / AutoCAD) with designs signed-off by a structural engineer when required

  • Know the company with the best staff retention in the industry having been around 12 years already, is still going to be around when your job is due to start and finish.

These are things we are all proud of.



Innovation + technical excellence


Camelspace is known across the industry and throughout the country as often being the only company that can cope with the most complex of scaffolding tasks.

Be it creating a full-scale replica of Shakespeare’s second globe; a rated crash deck; building 400kV line stringing protection; or helicoptering in equipment then building a 50t hanging scaffold 60m up, there hasn’t been anything yet we haven’t been able to do; the awards we’ve won stand testament to this.

These are things we are all proud of.



Commercial and H&S IT Systems + Paperwork


Camelspace has the following systems in place:

  • IT systems facilitating NZ3910, CCA and NZIQS compliant cumulative payment claims each month (not indecipherable tax invoices!)

  • Dayworks sheets ensure pre and post-work client authorisation for any variations

  • Handover Certificates ensure accurate on-hire dates and formal acceptance of work

  • Hazard Identification reports are completed before all tasks and a client copy furnished

  • Comprehensive documented 46-point weekly inspections are carried out on all notifiable scaffolds.

These are things we are all proud of.


Our body of work


Quite simply, nobody else in New Zealand has completed anywhere near such a vast array or high quality, technical, large and safe scaffold structures and height systems as Camelspace.

That is evidenced by the content on this website. Every one of the project photos on this website are of actual Camelspace jobs designed and built by Camelspace – there are no stock/library photos nor any photos of any other company’s work. We challenge anyone to find another company that can say this and at the same time, showcase such a portfolio of work.