Why choose Camelspace?


100% New Zealand owned with 160 of the industry’s top staff, the best safety record, 12 years unparalleled experience and industry leading innovation – it’s no surprise Camelspace continues to be the country’s leading and most awarded scaffold, structures and height safety company.


What we do


Scaffolding + Propping

Commercial, industrial, infrastructure, historic or leaky buildings, painters, propping, birdcages, falsework, edge protection and residential scaffolding of all sizes. Camelspace are one of NZ’s largest such companies and have completed some of the country’s most significant and technical projects in recent years winning a number of awards for our work.

Mobile Scaffolding

Need simple aluminium mobile towers you can move around yourself? Don’t risk Health and Safety Act non-compliance issues – get your mobile scaffolding from an industry leader in safety. Custom designed special purpose and engineered steel and aluminium mobile scaffolds also available.

Event StruCtures

The largest temporary event structure builder in NZ by some margin, Camelspace has supplied to the Rugby and Cricket World Cups; V8 Supercars, NZ Tennis Open and a number of one-off and annual music concerts and festivals to name but a few.


Roof: Access + Walkways + Fall Arrest

Camelspace is a leading designer, supplier and installer of fall arrest and roof access/walkway systems with exclusive distributorships in NZ for leading international equipment brands. Their Height Services dept. also handles height safety equipment and roof installation: audits, surveys, inspections and recertifications.

Temporary roofs + Encapsulation

Whether for leaky building repair, asbestos removal, debris containment or just uninterrupted work in inclement weather, Camelspace can cover and wrap buildings of any size using a number of industry leading products and techniques.

Theatre / Film / TV / Art Installation Structures

Camelspace have provided structures to a number of in-studio and on-location productions such as X-Factor, Samsung and Mountain Dew advertisements as well as design and build theatre-set sub-structures for small community or school productions to the design and build of the world acclaimed Pop-up Globe theatre.


Advertising / activation Structures

Be it ambush, brand launch, experience or activation, Camelspace have built and continue to regularly build whatever you can imagine for a myriad of agencies, event managers and production companies.


Camelspace are specialists in safe, compliant and aesthetically pleasing temporary public access solutions such as pedestrian bridges, ramps and stairs. Be they for short periods such as at an event or due to normal access closure; or longer term requirements say, during a railway station redevelopment, excavation, roading or construction project.


Camelspace hire personnel and material hoists. If using building elevators is problematic or you don’t want the added expense of an Alimak on a refurbishment or reclad project, Camelspace have hoists of varying sizes available – save on labour and damage bills, work safer and more productively.


Swinging Stages + Rope Access

Camelspace own one of New Zealand’s largest fleets of swinging stages including corner units, man-cages with various clamp and counterweight options. Their Height Services department also has a dedicated team of qualified and experienced industrial rope access / abseil workers available to complete almost any task at height.

Temporary Structural Steelwork

Experienced specialists in temporary structural steelwork design and installation, once briefed with your purpose or what you wish to achieve, we can design, engineer, fabricate, install and remove a solution of any size.


Existing Fall Arrest or abseil anchor system audits and re-certification; billboard, fixed ladder or telecom tower access and anchor testing and re-certification; Adventure Park height safety system testing and re-certification; building roof plan (height safety and access) development and authoring; and personal height safety equipment checking and tagging to name but a few.


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