- Looking for a supplier of fixed, mobile or engineered scaffold?

- Looking for something different or just a standard structure for your event?

- Need specialist public access structures built in a short timeframe to a high spec?

- Need a temporary roof or encapsulation solution for repair or replacement work?

- Temporary Stairs: Uncomfortable with dangerous ladder access on your site?

- Want to use an award winning company for your requirement?

Camelspace is based in Auckland and 100% New Zealand owned. We carry-out all types of scaffold and propping work and are market leaders in large commercial scaffolds; specialist event structures (staging, towers, platforms etc.) and engineered and public access (scaffolds, stairs, ramps, bridges etc.).

Camelspace have successfully delivered to some of the largest, most complex and highest profile scaffold and event projects in New Zealand viz. Newmarket Railway redevelopment; Elam Hall; Grafton Bridge; the Hamilton 400 V8 Supercar race; Newmarket flyover replacement; and supply NZ's largest stage to 3 day music festival Parachute.

Camelspace's clients are a mix of construction companies, the public, event managers/promoters/production managers, builders, sub-contractors and consultancies with our services best summarised in the following categories:

  • Temporary roofs at events;
    freestanding or over stages
  • Watertight and wind-stable
  • Covering &/or encapsulation
  • Leaky-home repair/re-roofing           
  • Adjustable steel mesh barriers
  • Full debris containment
  • Labour saving, EN13374 compliant
  • Systemised solution
  • Construction & civil works            

Ability to Supply & Track Record - We are one of the largest owners of scaffold and event material in NZ & have a proven track record across the smallest of jobs and the largest and most complex 'behemoths' like the Grafton Bridge, Elam Hall and Newmarket flyover where not delivering is not an option.

Events - There is no second chance for your event and that's why you shouldn't put it at risk. Camelspace delivers some of NZ's largest events each year.

Professional Design Service - We can help with all your scaffold & event design & related engineering requirements.

Aesthetics - All our equipment is the best looking in the marketplace wherever it is used. A genuine departure from the tired old tent-tops, plywood stages, 'ugly' & unsafe scaffolds, improvised ladder access, inadequate barriers etc.