Lincoln Graham

Supervisor, CHC

M: 021 272 9442

12 years service

With 30 years experience on the job, there’s next to nothing advanced scaffolder Lincoln doesn’t know about scaffolding. He has worked on projects of every type and size, from major industrial projects to residential and commercial.

As Supervisor for the Christchurch branch, Lincoln has built a team of long-term employees and is known for having a great rapport with both clients and his team. He is well-respected for his professionalism, experience and sense of humour, with repeat clients requesting him by name for their jobs.

Lincoln has made a career out of scaffolding and has worked with Christchurch and Wellington Branch Manager Shane Brazier for almost 25 years. He was hired by Brazier Scaffolding at just 15 years old, remaining with the business through a number of changes of ownership and work culture through to the current-day owners, Camelspace. His expertise, loyalty and strong work ethic make him a valued member of the Camelspace team.