Colin Liddell

National Events Manager
(AKL based)

D: 09 574 7001
M: 021 847 811

10 years service

Colin heads up what some might see as the glamour side of the business. He manages the designs and builds for major events, including big rock and pop concerts, theatre stage and film sets, and temporary grandstand seating at sporting venues. His vast international experience in the entertainment industry enables him to interpret conceptual client briefs and come up with innovative design solutions, using scaffolding to deliver structures that can be dressed to look like just about anything.

In his eight years at Camelspace, the events side of the business has grown significantly and now encompasses many of the country’s best-known events, including Splore, the British Lions Rugby Tour, NZ Tennis Open (Stanley St.) and the Cricket World Cup.

Colin’s role has morphed over the years from operational to more solutions design and sees him consulting with clients to bring their ideas to life. He works with Camelspace’s designer to develop engineering drawings and when required liaises with engineers for producer statements and council for building consent applications to make clients’ lives easier. A key benefit in using scaffolding in the arts and entertainment industry is that it enables Health & Safety compliance and consent, and saves the issue of what do with the structure once it has served its purpose.

Prior to joining Camelspace, Colin spent many years in the entertainment industry, including a stint in Europe where he worked on major rock and pop concerts including the likes of Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd and U2. He also worked on the Formula One Grand Prix Circuit for two years, travelling Europe and beyond with the Orange-sponsored Arrows Race Team.

His passion for creative scaffold design goes beyond his day job though. When he’s not at work devising solutions for clients, he designs and builds furniture using – no prizes for guessing – scaffolding parts.