Luke Pa'u

Yard Supervisor, WLG

D: 04 280 2284

1 year service

Responsible for the day to day running of the yard at the Wellington branch, Luke runs a tight ship. The go-to guy for all ‘gear’, he prepares orders daily for each job, allocating scaffolding equipment, vehicles and any other assets required. He is responsible for fleet maintenance, inventory and keeping track of where everything is and where it needs to be at any given point.

Time management, organisation and attention to detail is critical to keep the busy yard functioning efficiently, skills Luke honed over several years in the oil and gas industry in Taranaki. 

A procurement sourcer and supplier for rigs and tankers, he sourced provisions, engineering goods, replacement parts and anything else the offshore operation required from across the globe. It was a high-pressure environment, where having a piece of equipment out of action could cost millions of dollars through lost time. Boats might only be in port for 30 minutes to collect supplies, having made a run from an offshore location, so carefully planned logistics and maintaining strong relationships with port officials were both essential.

After 10 years in Taranaki, Luke moved back to Wellington to be closer to family and brought his skills to the Camelspace team.